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Our Hotels

Our luxury boutique hotels in Valletta are strategically located in prime areas of the old town, making them ideal for both business and pleasure. 

The locations of our hotels are in the quietest parts of the city, yet a 5 minute walk into the bustling prime business, shopping and touristic heart of the city that is Republic Street.

With La Falconeria's unique mid-century modern design, Palais Le Brun's baroque palatial interiors and The Gomerino's majestic rooftop views over the Grand Harbour we aim to offer our guests a unique visitor experience that extends to their accommodation choice. 

At Allelon, we believe in a friendly welcoming smile, from the moment we meet you, until the moment you leave. This approach is built around the timeless and authentic values that are the foundation of a positive guest experience. It is through this approach that we strive to reach our real goal, which can be summed up in our hotel mantra 'Check-in as a guest, Check-out as a friend'