About Us

Allelon Hospitality was established with the purpose of raising the bar locally in the world of food and hospitality.

Our Restaurants

Allelon Hospitality currently operates three catering concepts in the heart of Valletta, brought to you by our dedicated team.

From the fun and friendly wine bar that is Camarata through to L'Artiglio Ristorante's sublime mix of classical cuisine and contemporary tastes to the elegant local dining option that is Patakka Restaurant we offer you a unique Maltese culinary spectacle.

Our locations are all perfectly suited to our clientele's needs. Camarata in the lower part of the city is the perfect place for a quiet night at a very relaxed wine bar. Great evening parking also makes it a favourite location for small private events. L'Artiglio Ristorante is housed within the beautifully restored La Falconeria Hotel on Melita Street. Our latest culinary offering, Patakka is set in a spectacular location on the steps of Eagle Street in the oldest part of the city, adjoining the newly opened Palais Le Brun.

We ensure that you will have a wonderful culinary journey. We are ready to welcome you to indulge yourself at one of our world class outlets.