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Patakka on Lovin Malta - This Gastronomical Gem In Valletta Will Have You Begging For More Pigeon Broth

25 July, 2018

Written by: Johnathan Cillia - Lovin Malta

Patakka is here to give you a taste of modern Maltese cuisine.

Valletta has become quite the culinary gem, but one small restaurant is doing things unlike any other on the island. Patakka is barely months old, but is already drawing crowds with its modern take on Maltese recipes of yesteryear - and it's no wonder.

Patakka was crafted by the same award winning team behind L'Artiglio Ristorante, and is housed in the stunning Palais Le Brun boutique hotel. Patakka has a ace-in-the-hole with head chef Janine Camilleri. Her palate and use of traditional Maltese recipes in innovative ways combines with the skillset of her team to make the place feel like you're at your grandmother's house for dinner, if your grandmother was also a mathematician.


Patakka's modern Maltese philosophy begins with the interior 

You could recognise Maltese elements like those walls, arches, and chairs anywhere in the world.


Breakfast is definitely worth waking up for

Waking up in Palais le Brun to the sounds of Valletta in the morning is the perfect prep to grabbing the most important meal of the day. Choose between savoury or sweet delights - and always get the eggs Benedict.


The Maltese dishes are where Patakka's kitchen truly stands out from the rest

Chef Janine's take on the Maltese rural classic pigeon broth is like no other. Flipping the script, her creamy pigeon broth is a highlight of modern Maltese cuisine, a delight to watch, and a pleasure to devour - and tastes like no other pigeon broth on the island.


And then there's the glorious rest, of course

Between their daily specials, fresh Maltese fish, beef tartar, and langoustine risotto, there's no way you can go wrong.


The dessert is a true experience in saccharine gastronomy

End your scrumptious meal with one of their select sweet treats.

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